Innovation is the sustenance of the great.

God of Industry & Progress

Holy Colour: His is the colour SILVER, to symbolize metal.
Alignment: LN
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Knowledge, Protection, Rune.
Favoured Weapon: Warhammer
Centers of Worship: Chonna is worshiped in Enotia, Kajir and Midian.

Residing in The Great Workshop in the Godsrealm of Valael, Chonna (pronounced “Chonner”) is said to work day and night, constantly tinkering over some device, machine, design or piece of architecture. The furnaces are always lit and the sound of hammers hitting anvils, the turning of cogs and the clanging of chains are so loud that none of his extensive workforce (rumoured to be Nix – ancient ancestors of Gnomes & Svirfneblin and G’Hun – ancient ancestors of Dwarves and Duregar) simply don’t talk anymore. Chonner is always inventing, progressing, innovating and perfecting and expects the same from his followers. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect design’ as far as he is concerned; anything can be improved upon, and it is this sort of thinking he likes to see in his followers.
Like many of the Gods Chonna has a different appearance depending upon who looks at him, but he is usually male and well muscled and bare-chested (as either gender), and wears gloves, leather trousers and tough-looking work boots that are all the colour of dull metal.

Though an inventor and builder by trade and passion, Chonna is also a very capable defensive combatant and will protect that which is important to him with a terrible ferocity: he was at the front lines of both the Titanswar and The Reckoning, slamming into Titan opponents with his over-sized magical warhammer.
The least likely of all the Gods to take on physical manifestation and visit mortals (he is always “too busy” working on something or another), Chonna tends to visit mortals only in the form of dreams and portents or as flashes of inspiration. It is a very rare occurrence for him to put in an appearance in physical form, and has happened only five times since the Gods arrived over ten million years ago.

Chonna’s Herald is a massive animated clockwork statue known as ‘The Wall’ (has the same statistics as Grand Defender ) which he deploys only when things have gotten paticularly dire, it stands guard over The Grand Workshop most of the time. In its stead (and Chonnas), he tends to send out his Angelic Host which consists of Shield Archons .

Chonna is not often one for socializing, but does find the company of Apovar, Hanglr and Seonis enjoyable, and can tolerate Lakoth but finds some of his ideas somewhat outlandish and baseless. The God of Industry struggles to get along with Baelyne who he sees as too shallow, Imusus and Talasa due to their unpredictability, Juhemi and Oeylla due to their preoccupation with ‘the natural world’ and Bethus because he’s just odd.

Priests, Temples & the Church:

The clergy of Chonna are unlike the other religious groups of The Twelve. In fact, they could easily be mistaken for not seeming religious at all most of the time. Chonna priests are most commonly Alchemists and Clerics, and seem more like engineers than religious men and women. Devoid of any robes of office, usually wearing aprons stained with oil and soot, the only way a laymen could even recognize them as a follower of Chonna would be the (always polished) cog-shaped brooch that all wear to signify they are members of the Chonna Clergy. Inquisitors and Paladins in the employ of the Industrial God often use the latest technological gadgets to help them in their crusade against evil, but again don’t attire themselves in the ways expected, preferring practical outfits to anything ostentatious.

Chonna priests do not have temples of their own, instead they work in (or take over) existing workshops which they use to further the pursuit of industrial progress in the name of their God. Each member of the Clergy keeps a sacred workbench at their home where all their tools are anointed and kept rigorously clean, and they perform all religious rites at home rather than their ‘place of work’.
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