Gods & Religion

Religion in the world of Tulin is a very real, practical application of belief: The Gods are actual entities who have visited the world in many instances, including recently. Eighty-five years ago during the time of The Reckoning, the eleven Gods actually appeared to help defend the world for the Titans who were accidentally loosed from their eternal prison.
Before that point an organised church had been established to the Gods, but belief in them had began to wane in the face of industrial progress.

In the past each of the major races worshiped one or more of the Eleven Gods or the Essence of Ki (a term used for the magical/holy substance of creation from which all is said to come, including the Gods themselves), but it was Humanity who first established The Church of the Twelve, citing the importance of all the Gods as part of a Pantheon rather than on their individual merit.

Though some races still worship individual Gods, the vast majority of the worlds’ populace who do worship do so as a follower of the Pantheon of Twelve, whether as part of their own culture or as followers of The Church of Twelve – easily the largest organized religion on the planet.

The Gods still randomly take on Humanoid form and appear to select individuals either in dreams and visions or in physical manifestations, but their appearance varies depending upon who sees them. A Human visited by Baelyne, Goddess of Love & Passion might see a buxom human maiden with fiery red hair or more sophisticated but alluring gentleman in a sharp red suit, whereas an Orc warrior visited by the same God would say she was large and powerful, with an animal magnetism and covered in red war-paint. Baelyne would appear either way, but her true form would be interpreted by the individual who saw her – even two individuals seeing her at the same time would likely see her differently.

The Twelve Gods of Tulun:

(actually 11 Gods and one ‘Force’, these are the Gods as worshiped on the world of Tulun. They make up the Pantheon of Twelve, and are the Gods worshiped by The Church of Twelve)

(Alphabetical Order)

Apovar, God of Wealth & Harvest
Baelyne, Goddess of Love & Passion
Bethus, God of Death & The Underworld
Chonna, God of Industry & Progress
Hanglr, God of Law & Discipline
Imusus, Goddess of Mystery & Shadows
Juhemi, Goddess of Travel & The Sea
Ki, the Divine Essence
Lakoth, God of Magic & Insight
Oeylla, Goddess of Nature & Animals
Seonis, God of War & Victory
Talasa, Goddess of Chaos & Choice

Deities by Region:

The Northern Kingdom of Enotia: The center of The Church of the Twelve (a.k.a. simply “The Church”), Enotia worships the Pantheon of the Gods, though the level at which each is worshipped varies from community to community.

The Eastern Kingdom of Omishuru: Though the people of the East accept that the Gods exist, they do not worship them in the traditional sense. Omishurans follow the path of Ki, striving for personal perfection in line with the way of the Universe. To them, the Gods are merely immensely powerful beings to be respected, but not worshiped.

The Southern Kingdom of Midian: The people of Midian follow the Pantheon, but most do not follow the teachings of The Church, they tend to worship the Gods in their own way, associating events with the various Gods spheres of influence.

The Western Kingdom of Kajir: Due to the fact the Kingdom of Kajir was created through the will of Juhemi, Goddess of Travel & The Sea, it is hardly surprising that she is considered the Patron God of the Elemental Kingdoms. The Church is followed here, but special reverence is always reserved for Juhemi.

The Subterranean Kingdom of Mor-Denoch: In Mor-Denoch The Church of the Twelve has virtually no sway due primarily to the fact the primarily religion teaches the following of only two gods: Imusus and Talasa, who they refer to as “The Twin Ladies”. This religion is overseen by the zealous “Clerics of The Twins” (or more commonly just “The Clerics”) who are an authoritarian regime older than the current ruling Elder Council, and holding just as much power.

Gods & Religion

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