Without Order, Chaos.
Without Discipline, Ruin.

God of Law & Discipline

Holy Colour: His is the colour ORANGE, of the flamming Sun that sees all
Alignment: LN
Domains: Community, Law, Nobility, Protection, Sun
Favoured Weapon: Halberd
Centers of Worship: Mostly in Enotia and Midian, but some minor temples in Kajir.

Residing within The Court of Judgement atop the sun-bathed Solar Mountain in Valael, Hanglr (pronounced “Hanger”, silent ‘G’) oversees the judgement of all souls brought before him by Bethus and passes judgement on their fate depending upon their actions in life. A stickler for the exact intricacies of Celestial Law, he and his Host oversee all the bureaucratic mandates and are responsible for meeting out disciplinary action on those who break laws on Valael and Tulun.
Seen as fair but also uncompromising, Hanglr expects the same sort of devotion from his followers and possesses the strictest edict out of all the teachings of The Twelve.
Like the vast majority of his divine brothers and sisters, Hanglr’s visage alters depending upon who is looking at him at the time, but he is more often than not depicted as a male in a suit of golden-orange full plate armour that shines like the sun, untarnished and gleaming. He is always seen in the presence of his flame-tipped Halberd as well, even if not brandishing it for combat.

During the Titanswar Hanglr led the vanguard retaliation against the Titans and was gravely wounded saving the Golden Dragon Lashuamin. Despite not fighting at full strength he was able to co-ordinate the other Gods and joint Dragon and Elven forces in containing the Titan threat. During The Reckoning the God of Law again spearheaded the counter attack against the Gods ancient enemies, but was much more careful and survived the battle almost totally unscathed.
Hanglr promotes fairness and honesty in his followers, teaching that even the most villainous individuals should be given the opportunity to repent and change their ways before being taken into incarceration or executed. He teaches combat as a last – but necessary – resort, emphasizing a balance of defense and offensive in war.
Hanglr appears to mortals when he sees greatness unrealized in them, or when he feels and individual has the ability to right a wrong or stand up against injustice. In this manner he will often offer counsel and training to the individual in exchange for some task to prove their worthiness.

Hanglr’s Herald – known as The Lawgiver – is a golem-like being dispatcthed to Tulun only when diplomacy has failed and nothing is left but the thwarting of an enemy. Hanglr’s Angelic Host (consisting of Empyreal Angels are most commonly used in times of war but are occasionally dispatched as peace-keepers when the need arises.

Though Hanglr sees himself as approachable and compassionate, he does not get along with all of his brothers and sisters. His relationship with Talasa is particularly strained due in part to the fact they are polar opposites as far as demeanor and personal beliefs are concerned.

Priests, Temples & the Church:

The priests of Hanglr act as law-keepers and peacekeepers and as such it is hardly surprising that they have primarily Clerics, Inquisitors and Paladins among their number. They are the police in civilized areas, and wandering marshals out in the wilderness. Bringing the laws of Hanglr to the masses, they are often as feared as they are respected, but all can be expected to be treated fairly by them, even if that doesn’t necessarily mean treated gently.

Temples to Hanglr are often also courthouses and the priests of the God of Law are commonly called upon to be judges and jury members in the case of settling disputes and meting out suitable punishments for crimes. The priests of Hanglr have a reputation for being incorruptible and inflexible when it comes to matters of laws – and especially the breaching of them – which makes them ideal messengers of the law.

There are no shrines to Hanglr as such, though people do leave sun-shaped figurines in their homes or as ornaments somewhere on their property to show they are followers of law and that they are looked upon by the God of Law.

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