The brighter the light, the longer a shadow it casts

Goddess of Mystery & Shadows

Holy Colour: Hers is the colour BLACK, the shadowed darkness of night.
Alignment: CN
Domains: Darkness, Luck, Madness, Trickery, Void.
Favoured Weapon: Dagger
Centers of Worship: Mostly Kajir and Enotia, but some worship in Midian.

Imusus (pronounced ‘Ee-Mew-sus’) is said to wander The Underworld in a dark citadel which moves at her command via teleportation and is never in the exact same place twice. A foreboding and mysterious place, the Shadow Citadel is a reflection of the Goddess of Shadows herself and none save her Angelic Host have ever seen inside its large ashen oak doors. Little is known of Imusus and rightly so, she will often appear when the Gods hold counsel but rarely speak or voice her opinion, and is unpredictable in ways even Talasa struggles to match at times (The Goddess of Choice can at least be expected to be contrary). Sometimes she will not appear when the Twelve need her, other times she will appear at the last moment and offer her aid.
Goddess of mystery and shadows, Imusus never reveals the whole truth about herself or plays her entire hand and expects such caution and shrewd behavior from her followers as well. She understands the importance of mystery and the power it holds, and that there are many things mortals are simply not ready to know.

Like many of the Gods Imusus has a different appearance depending upon who looks upon her, but is often female and dressed in black. She does all she can to look unassuming and hide her face as her eyes are like burning white starfire, which appear in any form she takes. Of the Gods Imusus is the most likely to take on non-humanoid form as well, often taking the form of ravens, cats and snakes – each with the same telltale bright white eyes.
The tenets of Imusus’ teachings are simple to comprehend but more difficult to put into practice and maintain: explain only what you must, the more a person knows about you the more they hold power over you. Guard secrets and treat them with respect, to release them is to destroy them, do so only as a last resort. Lastly she teaches that the night is not something to be feared, but respected and embraced.

During the Titanswar Imusus attacked indirectly, laying traps for the Titans before they assaulted the Godsrealm (many of which Baelyne is quick to point out were unnecessarily cruel) and poisoning the blades of Elves as they aided in the fight against the Titans.
During The Reckoning she took a more direct role, entering the fray using hit-and-run assassination attacks on the mighty colossi, using her needle-sharp attacks to slow and cripple the giants allowing the more heavy-hitting Gods time to wade in and finish the job.
The Goddess of Mystery and Shadows is similarly indirect when it comes to interacting with mortals, though she does enjoy such meetings. She will most commonly visit people she interested in using visions, dreams and portents, and can appear like anything in their dreams recognizable by her characteristic burning white eyes. When she takes on physical manifestations it is usually as white-eyed animals or occasionally as a Humanoid, but all speak in riddles and never answer questions directly. If a mortal annoys or offends her, Imusus simply vanishes without warning. Of course, she also does that when she feels the converse it at an end, so it is difficult to know if she is truly offended or simply finished conducting her business. One normally discovers if they have offended the Goddess when it is too late to apologize..

The Herald of Imusus is known as The Nameless and is a massive sentient cloud of darkness that has the ability to absorb those it wishes to converse with, knows all languages and only ever speaks in a whisper. Though more direct that its master, speaking matter-of-factly rather than in riddles, The Nameless is still reluctant to give out details when it discusses matters. When enveloping someone The Nameless has the ability to create an atmosphere they can breath in, but they are surrounded by utter, impenetrable darkness. In a similar fashion The Nameless can remove this atmosphere if it wishes to attack, and is also able to possess others if the need arises.
The Angelic Host of Imusus are made up entirely of Balisse Angels and they are dispatched to Tulun far more frequently than Imusus travels there, primarily as observers but they act as guerrilla fighters in times of war.

Imusus has a somewhat strained relationship with her divine brothers and sisters, being as introverted and cautious as she is there is little room in her repertoire for small talk or casual conversation, and she is a difficult individual to read, even for the other Gods. She has a certain respect and appreciation for Bethus who she sees as the next most secretive of the Twelve next to herself, but prefers to appreciate him from afar which is exactly how Bethus prefers it. Imusus also sometimes enjoys the company of Talasa due to her unpredictable and unreadable mannerisms and the two have a playful (from a Gods perspective) sisterly rivalry to see who is the most misunderstood of the Twelve.

Priests, Temples & the Church:

Although Imusus is a recognized and established member of the Pantheon of Twelve, most of the clergy of The Goddess of Mystery live cloistered lives in enclosed monasteries. The happening behind those doors are never made public and as such people tend to grow suspicious, often coming to fear the Imusus Priests through no evidence whatsoever. Priests of Imusus are thought to be exclusively Clerics, though she also counts many Inquisitors, Paladins and Antipaladins in her employ as well; it is simply that these quiet individuals rarely state who or what they represent as they go about their business.

Imusus also has a large following among Rogues and non-Omishiran Ninja as well, who call upon the Goddess to grant them silent steps and deadly blades. People with a need to keep a secret tend to confide in Imusus to help them keep that secret, or take their secret to an Imusus priest to help burden the responsibility. Imusus priests are excempt from having to reveal any information given to them in secret even if it defies a local law if the unless the giver of the secret wishes it to become public. Only the leader of that land may overthrow the non-disclosure law, and even then a Priest of Imusus has the right to tell only the King a secret they have been charged with keeping.

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