Life is motion, all things change with the ebb and flow of the tide.

Goddess of Travel & The Sea

Holy Colour: Hers is the colour BLUE, of the deep oceans
Alignment: CG
Domains: Air, Good, Travel, Water, Weather.
Favoured Weapon: Trident
Centers of Worship: Heavily worshiped in Kajir, also a notable deity in Enotia but often not worshiped in Midian.

The Goddess Juhemi (pronounced ‘Jew-Hem-ee’) spends the vast majority of her time swimming The Endless Sea of Valael, also known as The Godsrealm, and often holds court within The Coral Palace deep beneath the waves. A Goddess of not only the sea but of travel in general, she is always on the move from one place or another, stopping only if things are of dire importance and need to be addressed, and even then Juhemi becomes irritable and less focused the more she is forced to deal with the same things over and again.
Her followers pray to her whenever they are about to undertake a long or dangerous journey, which Juhemi will occasionally oversee, but she rarely interferes directly knowing that the most important part of a journey is neither the beginning or end, but rather that actual act of the journey itself and everything that happens during that journey.
Like the other Gods Juhemi’s appearance varies depending upon who gazes upon her, but she is commonly depicted as a humanoid female with a bluish tint to her skin and blue hair. She is never seen without at least some water in her presence. Even if she appears in the middle of a desert it will be in a bathtub full of crisp water or carrying a vase of clean drinking water.

Juhemi teaches that life is never truly stagnant, that everything changes and that one must be adaptable and ready for change when it does come. Like the tides of the sea life will have its ups and downs but the real talent lies in riding those waves, weathering those storms. She promotes personal growth (especially by way of actual or spiritual journeys), and generally discourages anything that ties a soul down.
During the Titanswar Juhemi stood shoulder to shoulder with her divine brothers and sisters against the Titans, taking injuries but also ensuring the Titans were incarcerated deep in the void at the heart of the Underworld.
When she appeared in Tulun during the time of The Reckoning she once again took her place in the front-lines but abandoned her brothers and sisters when she detected the tears in the fabric of reality over the western oceans. While her siblings helped fight off the Titans Juhemi used the power of her will to close the rapidly multiplying tears by forcing them into coherent matter; creating a floating island in the sky. This island (which housed all the various races that had dropped through the portals) would later become known as Kajir, and it is hardly surprising that the people who reside there consider Juhemi their saviour and the most important of the Twelve.

Juhemi rarely appears to mortals but when she does so it is either at a pivotal moment during a journey, often at an emotional or physical crossroads, and she will usually take the form of a humanoid female garbed in a variety of blue hues with long unfettered blue hair. The other time she will appear will be to encourage a mortal to undertake a perilous journey of some kind, offering encouragement and reassurance.
The Herald of Juhemi is the mighty Kraken and she only releases the beast when there is no other recourse but annihilation. The Kraken knows only to destroy, and as such it has been rarely seen throughout Tulun’s long history. Ancient and almost unkillable, even the Dragons feared the wrath of the beast, and as such Juhemi uses it only as a last resort.
The Angelic Host of the Goddess of the Sea consist entirely of powerful Planetar Angels who she does not dispatch to Tulun often because although the Planetars understand and can engage in diplomacy, most prefer to thwart evil and are dedicated combatants. As such they were very active during The Reckoning but are rarely seen in the world during times of peace.

Juhemi gets on relatively well with her divine brothers and sisters, Juhemi is particularly close to Baelyne who also encourages personal growth in mortals, and Oeylla who shares her affinity with the natural world and understands the cycle of life, death and rebirth. She struggles to get along with Bethus and Imusus, and finds Hanglr a bit too stoic.

Priests, Temples & the Church:

Juhemi priests tend to be found around bodies of water such as lakes or seaside/coastal towns, and usually either Clerics or Druids. A Juhemi temple is a rare thing due to the fact that most priests of Juhemi mimic their Goddess by remaining on the move most of the time, and they are commonly found aboard sea-faring vessels. Many long voyages have at least one Priest of Juhemi aboard not only because it is considered good luck, but to see to the spiritual needs of the crew.

While temples to Juhemi are rare, shrines to her are considerably commonplace. In the Kingdom of Kajir it is difficult to come across a home or place of business that doesn’t have at least a small effigy to the Sea Goddess, and in Enotia as well many substantial bodies of water are accompanied by at least one statue to the Goddess Juehmi.

Many merchants will carry small fetters that depict the Goddess, whether they travel across land, air or sea, as she is a Goddess of Travel in all its forms, and it is considered good luck to have Juhemi in ones’ heart when undertaking a long journey.
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