Shine the light of truth into the darkest depths and reality always presents itself.

God of Magic & Insight

Holy Colour: His is the colour TURQUOISE, of blended horizon across the endless ocean of possibilty.
Alignment: LN
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Luck, Magic, Rune.
Favoured Weapon: Quarterstaff
Centers of Worship: Lakoth is worshiped equally in Enotia, Kajir and Midian.

Lakoth (pronounced ‘Lack-Off’) makes his home in a quaint observatory atop Mt. Starlight, the highest mountain in the Godsrealm of Valael. From there he surveys everything, from the Godsrealm, the Underworld & Void, the world of Tulun and the cosmos that surrounds it. The patron God of magic, Lakoth seeks nothing less than utter domination and perfection over the forces of magic, and to learn everything there is to know about everything. A seeker of truth, Lakoth abhors ignorance and encourages discovery, never allowing anyone under his direct influence to rest upon their laurels.
Like the other Gods, Lakoth’s image depends upon the interpretation of the onlooker, but he is most commonly seen as a male humanoid, venerable in age and sporting a long white beard (if the race that sees him has hair). He tends to dress in long turquoise robes and carries a simple, unassuming staff – the symbol of his station.

Lakoth teaches that all knowledge is there for the taking, and that one must always question the world around them, the way of things, and themselves. An answer exists to every question, one simply has to find it. Through his teachings he inspires others to make great discoveries and to push the boundaries of their knowledge and expertise.
The God of Magic took an active role in both the Titanswar and The Reckoning, granting assistance using his powerful magics to subdue the mighty Titans, working with Chonna to fashion the restraints needed to pacify the Titans once they were defeated, and in both instances Lakoth offered artillery support using his more destructive spells. The knowledge he gleaned from the first Titan invasion helped formulate the strategy that allowed the Gods, Angels and mortals to defeat the Titans during The Reckoning.

Lakoth will often visit mortals that he considers could benefit from instruction, especially those who he sees a spark of greatness in. Lakoth tends to think long-term however and some of his methods can seem a little strange until the bigger picture presents itself. He has a tendency to send one chosen mortal on a quest for an item that could benefit another one for example, never truly explaining to the champion the reason why they risked their life in such a trial. When Lakoth does appear it is always in the form of physical manifestation of an old man or woman (of the species he is addressing), in as unassuming a visage as possible. Lakoth takes great delight in testing people through misdirection.
Lakoth’s Herald (quite confusingly) also takes the visage of an old man (see The Old Man for statistics, though the lore is different), making it difficult for would-be visitors to know exactly which entity they are addressing.

The Angelic Host of the God of Magic are made up entirely of Star Archons who visit select individuals on Tulun to offer advice and encouragement when not needed in the Godsrealm. In times of war they are employed as tacticians and strategists.

Lakoth is perfectly cordial to his divine brothers and sisters but has a distinct problem with the way Imusus operates, finding it infuriating that she can (and chooses to) keep secrets from him. Due to their opposite demeanors, the siblings rarely get along and have a long-standing aggressive rivalry. Though one would never strike directly at the other, they have been known to sabotage each others’ plans, kill off mortals they are associating with and messing with the laws of reality simply to cause the other one distress.

Priests, Temples & the Church:

Though in decline during the Industrial Era, Priests of Lakoth have once again become popular and respected since the reappearance of magic during The Reckoning. The “Clergy” of Lakoth consists of anyone able to cast spells, but most are Clerics and Sorcerers. Temples to Lakoth are usually found attached to Magical Academies or other areas of magical study, giving somewhere for spellcasters to explore the divine aspect to all magic. In this manner clerics and Wizards work side-by-side, often exploring and uncovering the mysteries of magic to make them more accessible and manageable by all.

In the Church of the Twelve the priests of Lakoth represent the magical arts, both divine and arcane, and they are often closely associated with centers of magical learning, usually as sponsors or benefactors to such places.

Inquisitors and Paladins of Lakoth are considered among the most fearless of their ilk due to their training which teaches them to uncover and expose evil regardless of how horrific it may be, because dragging it into the light exposes its weaknesses as well as its strengths. As such, most stride proudly into areas many fear to tread.

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