To Worship me is to worship the world,
Its people and its beasts.

Goddess of Nature & Animals

Holy Colour: Her colour is GREEN, of life and growth.
Alignment: CN
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Plant, Protection, Sun.
Favoured Weapon: Longbow
Centers of Worship: Oeylla is worshiped in Enotia and Kajir with some minor worship in Midian.

Oeylla (pronounced ‘Oh-ella’ – the Y is silent) is said to be the most connected to the world of Tulun, and the fact that the valley in which she resides in Valael mirrors many of the more scenic countryside in Tulun is surely no coincidence. Filled with all manner of wildlife from countless worlds, her valley (known simply as ’The Green") many of the magical races that “died out” during the age the people of Tulun refer to as The Dark Age were actually preserved by the Goddess to live in her valley. It is the only part of the Godsrealm which has a permanent open portal to the world of mortals, and she will often entertain her druids, rangers and clerics in her domain via their dreaming minds.
The Goddess is said to be described most commonly as a female humanoid with fey-like features, and is never clothed. Her hair is always a vibrant green that never stays fully still, and she has a feral look in her eyes.

Oeylla teaches the importance of all creatures to live in accordance with natural laws, and to respect one another. This is often slightly misinterpreted by the Goddesses’ less devoted followers who assume that she means being good and just as far as nature, the environment and animals goes. Oeylla is quick to remind others that nature is not fair, that species prey on one another to survive and that it is not always the ‘good’ that persevere. Evolution through natural selection is very important, and the land will always take back what it needs. The nature Goddess is wary that the progression of industry is upsetting the delicate balance and often expects her followers to address this issue.
During the both Titanswar and The Reckoning Oeylla used the terrain to her advantage, forming and twisting the land to disrupt the opponents of the Gods before striking with powerfully ferocious attacks from her enchanted bow.
The nature goddess usually only presents herself in physical manifestation to her druidic followers and is recognizable in any form due to her bright green hair (or fur/feathers etc) and that she is flanked by four stunning dryad companions. Oeylla generally keeps out of the affairs of mortals personally, preferring to send messengers on her behalf. She will usually only appear when matters need a personal intervention, meaning her visits are reserved for moments of great drama.

The Herald of Oeylla is known as The Grim White Stag: a 30ft tall magical stag with a powerful intelligence that guards the portal between The Green and the world of Tulun. Its arrival on Tulun signifies a great change is coming, usually (but not always) centralized on where the being materializes. Rarely seen in the world, The Grim White Stag visits Tulun rarely, but is seen by any who enters The Green as they must present themselves to the mighty beast before gaining entry.
Hound Archons make up Oeylla’s Angelic Host, and they are relatively common sight on Tulun compared to many other Angels. They enjoy spending time with mortals and as such take any opportunity to visit druids, rangers and clerics of their mistress, offering aid in any way they can.

Oeylla is perhaps the most tolerant of her siblings among The Twelve, appreciating each of them for their qualities and respecting their positions. She gets on with some better than others of course, but has no direct rivalries with any of them and does not begrudge any of the Gods who choose to distance themselves from her due to a conflict of interests. After all, such disagreements within families are perfectly ‘natural’.

Priests, Temples & the Church:

Though a member of the Church of Twelve, there will never be a temple inside a city or other large settlement dedicated to Oeylla. At best one can hope to find a shrine in the form of a large and beautiful tree or a well-tended park or garden in her name.
Oeylla’s temples are the wild places between civilization, and her clergy are made up of Clerics, Druids, Rangers and Witches. Priests of Oeylla strive to protect and preserve the wild places of the world and tend to react violently if too many bodies encroach upon those places.

There are many shrines dedicated to Oeylla across the lands, but they take the form of sculptures made of natural materials such as stone and wood, and are regularly checked and maintained by her clergy, often fixed by use of magic as they slowly erode over time.

Oeylla Priests are part holy-man, part hermit and part wandering wise man, but all consider the lives of wildlife and plant-life to be on par with any humanoid life and care little for the laws of civilization which they see more as a millstone and crutch than something to provide support and guidance.

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