A War lost is a lesson won, but a War won is a Legend to be retold.

God of War & Victory

Holy Colour: His is the colour COPPER, of dried blood upon a blade.
Alignment: LE
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Fire, Glory, War.
Favoured Weapon: Greatsword
Centers of Worship: Though worshiped in Enotia and Kajir, Seonis is most heavily worshiped in the southern Kingdom of Midian.

Seonis (pronounced ‘Sea-on-iss’) sits upon a large throne made from the bones of his fallen enemies in a heavily fortified castle found right in the (cosmological) center of Daeashar. Forceful, charismatic and bombastic, the God of War and Victory rules over his domain with an iron fist and expects nothing but the best out of his servants and followers. Intolerant of failure in combat, Seonis teaches that it is better to die facing an opponent one cannot hope to slay than it is to flee from a formidable force or waste effort annihilating an inferior one. Of course in his eyes, nothing beats defeating a superior opponent and living to exercise the bragging rights. He is described as being large and heavily muscled regardless of form, and always wears a red-golden breastplate emblazoned with a clenched fist surrounded in flames. Whether male or female he has bright blood-red hair or is covered in red war-paint, and caked in dried blood.

Seonis preaches the glory of battle and follows the credo of “might makes right”. He expects his followers to adhere to this philosophy as well, at the very least in times of war, and looks disfavourably on cowardice and sneak attacks such as ambushes and poisoning. He likes to see nothing better than two equally matched opponents fight to the death matching their skills against one another, and strongly believes that which does not kill you makes you stronger.
During The Titanswar and The Reckoning Seonis’ role was pretty much the same: he waded into melee combat against the Titans with complete disregard for his own well-being, fueled by blood rage. Though massively powerful opponents, Seonis regularly squared up against two or three Titans single-handedly, such was his abandon. For all his seemingly reckless enthusiasm however, his skill in combat was unparalleled and he felled more that one Titan with such force from his enchanted Greatsword that he very nearly killed ‘the unkillable’ on more than one occasion – the fact that Baelyne had to re-attach Titan limbs (and in one case a head) was testament to the ferocity of the God or War’s attacks.

Seonis reveals himself to mortals on mere whim, whenever he feels the need or want to do so. When he does this it is always directly however, and always via physical manifestation. He never uses dreams, visions or any other form of indirect communication, and never tries to hide who he is. Whether male or female he always appears slightly larger than the species he visits, and only ever appears in humanoid form. The God of War normally visits mortals who show exceptional combat prowess and offers them his help in exchange for requirements of his choosing at the time.

The Herald of the God of War is an iron giant that goes by the title of The First Blade. It is a powerful being in its own right, but is rarely deployed by the God of War as he prefers to go in ‘person’ to important battles. The First Blade is usually reserved for wiping out armies or mass concentrations of troops to pave a swathe of death before the coming of the God of War.
The Angelic Host of Seonis is made up entirely of Chalkydri Angels who have strayed somewhat from the path of ‘good’ under the tutorledge of their God, but still retain a strong disciplinary sense of law. Rarely seen in times of peace, the Angels of Seonis are usually the first on the scene in times of war and descend upon the world of Tulun like a deadly tide of battle.

Seonis gets along well with most of his brothers and sisters among the Twelve, even if many of them have little time for him due to his insatiable love for battle, his hot temper and aggressive attitudes. Baelyne has an oddly calming affect on him, but Seonis often struggles and grows impatient with many of the other Gods, especially Hanglr who, despite having much in common with the God or War seems slow to act and does things in a manner that manages to rub Seonis up the wrong way the vast majority of the time.

Priests, Temples & the Church:

Priests of Seonis are always militant and zealous in their need to appease the God of War, and constantly train and keep themselves in a state of readiness in whatever community they serve. Temples to the God of War are like martial training schools, and all the Soenis Clergy are capable combatants as well as holy men and women. Taking their number from Antipaladins, Clerics, Inquisitors, Magus, Paladins and Sorcerers, Soenis priests are always prepared to lay down their lives in service of their community and their God, so long as their effort will bring glory to their names.

The love of carnage that Seonis instills in his followers through his teachings and credo often make them look for opportunities to bring conflict among themselves, but luckily most of this is contained to sparring and internal contests upon temple grounds. In times of war however, the Clergy are instantly supporting standing armies and offering their aid in battle.

Even Paladins and good-aligned Clerics of Seonis struggle to keep their blood-lust in check, and many Barbarians, Fighters and Gunslingers also follow his ways and pray to him before the start of major conflicts and great battles.

Seonis is especially popular in the south, and is considered the patron God of the Hobgoblins of Midian.

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